Strategic Intervention Materials: Innovating for Mastery

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Resource Speaker: Dr. Venus Alboruto


Course Description

A 16 hour seminar/ writeshop that aims to train teachers in writing effective, relevant and inclusive Strategic Intervention Materials particularly for those who handle large classes.  

This seminar will introduce the participants to the important underlying rationale behind the creation of Strategic Intervention Models. It will also demonstrate how SIM can be made effective and relevant to the students particularly in large-class settings. It will include all phases of design, creation, implementation and critiquing. A SIM output is expected to be produced in the end. 

Course Objectives

  1. Understand the rationale and design of Strategic Intervention Materials
  2. Produce a well-designed Strategic Intervention Material.
  3. Assess effectivity of their Strategic Intervention Material
  4. Devise ways to share materials with fellow teachers handling the same subject.
  5. Implement the techniques in crafting a SIM and how to effectively use them in their classes.