Teaching Research Skills in the K12-Classroom

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Resource Speaker: Dr. Jovert Balunsay


Course Description

A 14-hour seminar that aims to train teachers in K-12 or tertiary level the basic research skills necessary in the teaching of research in the classroom. 

This seminar explains the nitty-gritty details needed by teachers of Research in the K-12 classroom and tertiary setting.  It will identify important concepts and skills necessary for students to understand, appreciate and successfully do their research projects.  Furthermore, it will also give teacher participants a good working knowledge of the very technical field of educational research.

Course Objectives

  1. Understand what is research including, its state, importance, and relevance in the K-12 education
  2. Recognize the characteristics of good research.
  3. Identify sources, characteristics and consideration in choosing good problems for research.
  4. Learn the important skills in writing the beginning chapters of research.
  5. Identify and understand important skills in review of related literature.
  6. Understand the methods of research and its implication in practice.
  7. Demonstrate necessary skills in the presentation and evaluation of research data
  8. Understand basic concepts and differences of research summary, finding, conclusions and recommendations
  9. Write examples of summary, findings, conclusion and recommendations
  10. Understand the technical requirements of research writing.