Try these in the Classroom

In this activity, you will be asked to come up with a situation where the different types of responses will be practiced. Think of a scenario (real or made up) where 2 people are interacting. Make sure to state how these two people are related. Then, think of a good news one person shares to the other. Finally, show of how the other person responds to the good news shared according to the type of response.

Responses must show the exact words spoken and actions (if any) of the person responding that shows the characteristics of that type of response.

Here is an example for your guidance. (Do not copy the example in your work.)

Situation: I accidentally bumped into my former classmate in the mall.

Relationship : childhood friends

Good News Shared : I shared to her that I just got married.

Example of Responses

Active Constructive Response : “I am so happy for you!!! When are you giving birth? Do you want a girl or a boy? You must be so excited!!! (hugs and kisses me, my friend is so happy she has tears in her eyes)

Passive Constructive Response : ” Congratulations. I am happy for you.” (smiles)

Active Destructive Response: “Wow! But are you ready? Can you actually handle the responsibility of becoming a mom? That is hard work. You will be tired most of the time. Did you plan this?”

Passive Destructive Response : “Ok. I also have a baby now. She is the cutest little thing. My baby is so pretty like mommy.”